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Pole Fitness Classes!

Pole Fitness is a mix of ballet, modern dance and gymnastics that are all done with the help of a polished pole. Pole exercises and tones the whole body with a number of routines, tricks, spins and moves which work on your core strength and other areas that women find particularly difficult to train, such as upper-body strength, thighs, bums and tums.


Pole dancing is proven to burn more calories than alternative strength training methods. Not only will you feel empowered by changes to your body’s appearance as it becomes stronger and sexier but it also provides a huge confidence Boost!  Whatever your age, body type or fitness needs, our fully qualified, professional, enthusiastic and friendly instructors will show you just how easy and fun it can be to learn new ways to get the results you want, in a place free from judgement or competitiveness. You can progress and work your way through our levels from a complete beginner to an expert poler.


Expert - Attempting aerial shoulder mounts and confident in handsprings (all grips).


High - Confident in aerial inverts, shoulder mounts and ayeshas (all grips)


Intermediate - Basic inverts from abs, understanding of most spins


Beginners - No experience needed

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