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Pink Ladies Post COVID-19 Return - Pink Ladies Class Timetable starting week 4th Jan 2022

Levels Explained:

Expert - Attempting aerial shoulder mounts and confident in handsprings (all grips).


Advance - Confident in aerial inverts, shoulder mounts and ayeshas (all grips)


Intermediate - Basic inverts from abs, understanding of most spins


Beginners - No experience needed

6 week course £60 - We will no longer be offering pay as you go option.


Crowded Places:


1) Class sizes limited to 8 people, plus 2 instructors.


2) You must remain in your car or outside the studio until called in ahead of your class.


3) You must also sign an updated ParQ.


Close Contact Settings


1) 2m rule will apply and there will be no spotting. We have re-evaluated our levels and have included a minimum requirement for your safety.


2) You must wear a mask, bring your own hand sanitiser, towel, and water bottle. You must wash your hands on entry to the studio. Partners to be matched on the first session and remain for 6 weeks where possible. Pole to be cleaned following each person leaving the pole.


Confined and enclosed spaces


1) We will open the main shutter door to air the studio during classes as there will be no fans used.


It is also recommended that you bring your mat for warm up and cool down


We know some of this information appears quite strict and change is hard for everyone but some positives to pre-booking and smaller classes.


As there will be max 10 people in the studio at any one one time, you will be learning in a much calmer, quieter environment that will allow the best chance to absorb advice and information given to you.


2 people to a pole as opposed to some nights where you may historically have shared with up to 4, means much more practice time.


Classes will start promptly with a warm-up starting immediately this will ensure you have the whole hour to practice.


Your instructor will be able to dedicate much more time to 8 people rather than 16.


Everyone in the class will roughly be at the same level as far as possible, making progression and classes much cleaner/clearer for all.


You will share a pole with someone who is matched at your level for the 6-week course, ensuring that a pole buddy is formed to help you along your journey and provide emotional support. Although pole buddies must not spot.


We have 3 XStages and 2 RPoles I know at times certain poles are preferred and for some students, you do not get a chance to use your preferred pole, therefore, instructors will move pairs each week to ensure fairness.


Cancellation Policy


You must let me know 24 hours before the class via email at if you cannot make the session in order to be able to claim a catch-up session. If I do not have an email (please note other forms of communication such as Facebook/Instagram will not be counted) then I do not have the evidence that you have missed a session. Of course, if you are not planning to claim your catch up or lost lesson then that is fine. What I cannot have is several people asking for discounts for the next course due to missed lessons this is not how it works and basically voids the whole point of a prepaid course. From this course onwards discounted follow-on courses due to missed lessons will not be allowed. If you know you are going to miss a lesson of the following course due to holidays/work, please discuss this with me before booking on so I can arrange a catch-up session and ensure someone else can book on that week.


When should I not participate in classes?


Usually, most people can participate in our group exercise classes with no problems, but there are some circumstances where participation is not advised:


1. Injury


Please advise us of any injuries you may have. Sometimes you may be able to continue with classes, but it is important for the instructor to be aware of anything so they can give you the correct support and attention. We may also be able to show you adaptations or alternatives to accommodate your abilities. This is on an individual basis, however, so please also seek medical advice before class if you are unsure.


2. Illness


Some people prefer to exercise if they've been feeling under the weather, but if you are feeling nauseous, dizzy, feverish, have a severe headache etc. please put your feet up and get better!


If you have any diagnosed medical conditions including (but not limited to) asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, high blood pressure, angina, it is vital that you first check with your doctor that it is safe for you to participate in a class.


3. Do not attend the studio if you are showing any sign of COVID symptoms.

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